A Tale of Two Pigs- Yes, you read that right.

Sidney & Norman- a tale of two pigs
Written by: Phil Vischer
Illustrated by: Justin Gerard
Publisher: Tommy Nelson (August 29, 2006)
ISBN-10: 1400308348
The other day I was browsing through Barnes and Nobel in the children's section. I love looking at the new releases and the picture books offer lots of artful inspiration.
As I checked to see what Christian picture books B&N carried, I came across this beautifully illustrated book. Immediately, I sat down right there on the floor, no easy task if you've ever seen me, and read it.
Sidney and Norman are neighbors, but neither have spoken much to the other. Norman is a good pig and has his act together. Sidney is lucky to make it to work in one piece. He has problems following rules and is a real mess. Then one day, both receive a blue envelope from God, inviting them to come see him at a certain time. Norman thinks he'll get a big pat on the back for all his wonderfulness. Sidney panics.
As I read the story, it's message that God loves us no matter what we do... or don't do, both touched and convicted me. I bought the book, which is not usual for me. Both of my kids are too old for picture books anymore. Matter of fact, if you do find a picture book in my house, it's probably mine. tee hee.
This one I had to have. I told myself I could read it during one of my coffee house story times. I could read it to the kids at church. Shoot, for that matter, the adults would get something out of it as well. I did.
If you are looking for a book with a good message that doesn't come off preachy, then Sidney and Norman is a great choice.
Happy Reading!